What is Green Marketing?

Essentially, green marketing is the promotion and brand positioning of environmentally-friendly products and services. 

There’s no question that consumers have become increasingly more interested in eco-friendly...everything. Therefore, companies are following suit, greening up, and leveraging green marketing tactics. It’s the very definition of supply and demand.

Whether it’s to jump on board the ever-growing movement or a genuine desire for sustainability, there is a high demand for products and services that do less harm to the planet, and ourselves. And I couldn’t be more thrilled!

“Kindness is always in fashion”

Sustainable Marketing Strategies 

Cold Pressed Media specialises in green marketing strategies. It’s kind of our thing. While general marketing essentials are always covered, our team thinks beyond the standard content and promotional tactics. 

By design, our client strategies overcome key hurdles that inhibit successful green marketing campaigns. Instead, we transform stresses into opportunities and tell your unique brand story.

Make Friends With Challenges

...and turn them into Sustainable Marketing Strategies

Common Challenges (that are really opportunities):

  • No Management Buy-In; obtaining senior and marketing management approval regarding the value and benefits of green marketing.
  • No Brand Story; trouble identifying creative and unique green marketing points.
  • Vague Messaging; lack of clarity and communication of authentic green efforts.
  • Inconvenient; customer perceptions that green products are less convenient.
  • Expensive; customers think that environmentally friendly products are more costly than conventional products.
  • Relativity; ensuring green messaging appeals to both the emotional and rational sides of customers.

Brand Story Opportunities:

  • Benefits; documenting and communicating unique green product benefits.
  • Creation; what is the product made of, ingredients, etc.
  • Product lifecycle; how is it made, shipped/delivered and disposed of (if ever), can customers repurpose your product?
  • Packaging; paper-free, clothing tag-free, recyclable, plant-based, package-free.
  • Energy usage; off the grid, low emissions, sustainable energy, carbon-neutral.
  • Value; highlight affordability or long-term savings.
  • Real-World Savings; who or what does your product/service protect (ocean life, forests, human rights, etc.)

Communicating your unique story is paramount for building success and relating to your consumers. Then, understanding how to promote your business as eco-friendly will position you for high campaign performance.

These efforts will help determine who your optimal customers truly are, to what degree your products and services matter to them, and what method to target them with (social platforms, e-newsletter, search engines). 

This strategic approach renews businesses by revealing new or missed opportunities with standard marketing and sales efforts in an eco-friendly environment. Positioning is integral for authentic marketing: the development of trust between business and consumer.

Finding Success With Green Marketing 

Green business isn’t going anywhere. 

In fact, environmental concerns are on the rise. So highlighting what makes your business eco-friendly, green, organic, sustainable, carbon-neutral, etc. will be your greatest ally.

Sustainable Business Brand Identity

So if you have the eco-benefits locked in. Now, the fun really begins with creating your brand identity. Do you have one yet? 

Is your brand a fresh-faced newbie or wise with experience? Everyday practicality or a touch of luxe for special occasions? Funny, friendly and relatable or a leader in your industry, educating customers with case studies?

Designing your identity in today’s ever-changing culture can have a pronounced benefit to your business’s image.

Know Your Audience

Because, as you may know, environmentally-conscious consumers tend to be quite adamant in their support of environmental issues. This passion affords them the capacity to become loyal customers or brand boycotters. 

Creating an authentic eco identity will help your audience relate and determine if supporting your business is in line with their environmental values or if it works against them.

Thumb Print Sustainable Business Brand Identity
Measure Your ECO!

Making an environmentally friendly product is one thing. However, customers are becoming better informed and more aware of the environmental impact of consumer products. Thus, they are demanding that businesses show proof of their environmental performance.

Crunch those numbers, get that hard data, show those metrics. For example:

  • This product saves X amount of trees. 
  • We use X less water to create our products.
  • We donate X% from each purchase to_____.
  • X amount of cars have been taken off the road because of our service.

Green Marketing Metrics Graphic Illustration

Fostering an environmental awareness plan with supportive data is an effective strategy to increase your customers’ purchasing power, gain trust and sustain loyalty.

There’s no doubt that environmental concerns will be increasingly more important in the future than they are today, proving that environmentally-friendly business practices will provide a stable ROI in uncertain economic conditions.

If you aren’t quite at the ‘eco’ status yet, no worries.

 Start planning!

From the Roots Up!

  • Invest in eco-friendly product development, testing and research. As the market becomes more crowded, it’ll take more to stand out if you are the last at-bat. 
  • Seek to build and grow your sustainability strategy to encompass every part of the business—not just the final product.
  • Build a roadmap for product enhancements you’d like to make. Shift to more sustainability-focused suppliers, reduce your use of packaging materials, or changing the ingredient line-up across your portfolio.
  • Address consumer scepticism and be wary of overused eco labels and claims. No greenwashing!
  • Get ahead of government bans and taxes and go green before the machine makes you.
  • Understand that consumers and their expectations will continue to evolve.

On a personal note: sustainability is intricately linked with corporate responsibility and authenticity. Any false claims or sloppy vendor management can result in a major PR scandal, seriously upset customers and damage to a brand’s reputation. Plus, it just sucks. Don't do it.

No greenwashing allowed!

Greenwashing Painted Broccoli

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