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Build Your Business With A Digital Marketing Consultant

Work directly with an eco-minded digital marketing consultant—who is also your target market.

Josie McGraw Headshot SEO Consultant Cold Pressed Media

No account managers, coordinators or interns. Just a dedicated specialist that is aligned with your eco business values.

At Cold Pressed Media, your Digital Marketing Consultant (Hi!) will work collaboratively with you to develop a data-driven marketing strategy, tailored to your specific business and ideal target audience. 

Increased Target Audience = More Sales

We'll dive deep into your business and analyse the best course of action to reach your goals. 

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 What I Can Do for You, As A Digital Specialist:

  • Attract qualified visitors who are actively looking for what you offer
  • Achieve immediate page one rankings and top page traffic
  • Get valuable insights about what people are searching for
  •  Leverage insights to craft your message to your customers' needs
  • Track ROI down to the dollar
  • Grow your database then re-market to them with other methods

What Clients Say


Thank YOU so much for your time, Josie—and your wealth of information and knowledge, energy and spirit!

My SEO Queen!

Katie Quinn

 / Owner of Downtown Betty


Josie and Jean are INCREDIBLE. Their attention to detail, their ability to extract what I wanted in my mind onto a site was amazing.
The new website is doing incredibly well and gaining more traction every single day.

"Highly Recommend" 

Hayden LaVanda 


Josie and Cold Pressed are key collaborators of Ponderlust.

They always deliver high quality, clever, optimised content. 

We would always recommend them, and we do!

Jean Ibbotson

/ Director of Ponderlust

Why Work With A Digital Marketing Consultant?

Business owners and managers are often too close to their own business, making it difficult to identify areas of opportunity.

Just how professional athletes get trainers, singers hire voice coaches, successful entrepreneurs work with consultants.

It's an investment in yourself.

SEO Specialist Perth - Cold Pressed Media

Measurable Goals

There's more than one big goal to reach. Often there are multiple goal points along the way. Setting up your site to collect clear data is the first step to identifying and assess what's working and what isn't.

SEO Specialist Perth - Cold Pressed Media

Agile Scope

Project scopes can change like the climate. Urgent issues arise, goals change and it's important to be flexible to weather the storm. Being able to change course is what makes us different.

SEO Specialist Perth - Cold Pressed Media

Practical Solutions 

While digital marketing can be elusive to some, it's important to apply practical, relatable solutions whenever necessary. There's no use developing a fancy pancy campaign if no one understands it. 

Result-Focused Tactics

If it doesn't work, we don't do it. We want results! The digital game is ever-changing and if a tactics no longer applies, we move on and get results.

SEO Specialist Perth - Cold Pressed Media

Innovative Approaches 

One of the many benefits to working with a boutique agency, is the accessibility to new and innovative techniques. Your 'account manager' is the boss, so our hands aren't tied with a lengthy chain of command. 

Data-Driven Strategies

This is the key! Every single decision we make is based off of hard data. You can call us nerds, but we're nerds that gets results. 

Invest In Intelligence

A Digital Marketing Consultant Can Increase Business Growth

How much would you invest to get a healthy ROI?

By uncovering blockages and transforming your website into a lead generation machine, you’ll not only increase your business growth but you’ll connect better with your base.

Ask us how!

Do You Know The Health Of Your Website?

If your site has a low health rating, it could be costing you leads. But we can help! 

Contact us to receive a free site audit and phone consult—100% obligation free.

The secret to getting ahead...

is getting started.

Organic Business Growth

Working with a Cold Pressed Media, you’ll work with a director that’s aligned with your values, goals and objectives.

I live and breath eco-consciousness, and know what your target audience is looking for—because I am your target market!

Organic, biodynamic, natural, eco-friendly, vegan, plant-based, carbon-neutral, sustainable; these terms are second nature to me.

Eco-Minded Business Qualifiers:

  • Sustainably-sourced
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Vegan and plant-based
  • Minimum environmental impact

Let's Increase Your Sales! 

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