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Good copy is enjoyable to read. 

Great copy keeps your attention.

Exceptional copy causes paper cuts from all the money your customers throw at you.

I kid, I kid. But, kind of not really. 

Exceptional copywriting builds trust and sets you apart from your competitors while inciting action.

It also creates a unique voice and persona for your brand, allowing you to cut through the white noise on the internet.

Josie McGraw Headshot SEO Copywriter Cold Pressed Media

I’ll take your copy from blah to BAM!

I’ve written literally thousands of pieces of copy for companies big and small, eCommerce to brick and mortar, print and billboard to digital. I’ve written copy for banners 10 meters tall and for product labels the size of your thumb. And, now I want to write for you!

Let’s get you copy that converts, works overtime, does loads of heavy lifting and that doesn’t ask for a lunch break. Conversion copywriting is like a digital employee that never sleeps and politely lures people in and delivers the goods, your goods. 

Plant Growing Out Of Keyboard SEO Copywriting Perth

Words matter. And, so do you!

Words are the very essence of WHO you are as a brand—especially if you’re an eco biz. Exceptional copywriting tells people WHY they should buy from you and convey to them HOW your product/service will enhance their life.  

People take notice when you have clear, informative and engaging copy. I’ll create copy that will have your readers actually looking forward to seeing your EDM’s land in their inbox, seducing them into navigating to your website and then buying your stuff. How exciting is that?

I’ll help your customers fall in love with your product/service and what you’re all about.

Does your website copy need an overhaul?

Let's get this party started!

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What Clients Say


Thank YOU so much for your time, Josie—and your wealth of information and knowledge, energy and spirit!

My SEO Queen!

Katie Quinn

 / Owner of Downtown Betty


Josie and Jean are INCREDIBLE. Their attention to detail, their ability to extract what I wanted in my mind onto a site was amazing.
The new website is doing incredibly well and gaining more traction every single day.

"Highly Recommend" 

Hayden LaVanda 


Josie and Cold Pressed are key collaborators of Ponderlust.

They always deliver high quality, clever, optimised content. 

We would always recommend them, and we do!

Jean Ibbotson

/ Director of Ponderlust

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